Monday, August 3, 2009

Allow me to recommend A week and a half ago, I went to my physician to follow-up on my Lexapro experiments. I mentioned that I'd had problems with headaches, she suggested that I see an optometrist. I went to the nearest Wal-Mart vision care center, put down $65 and got a check-up. I'd thought I'd had above-average vision, but it turns out that I have astigmatism in my right eye.

Ever since then, I've been winking my left eye to see if my vision gets blurrier. I was amazed that I'd not noticed before, I look out of these eyes every day, and I think it's crazy that I couldn't notice that the right one was fuzzy. I'd heard that I could get glasses for super-cheap on the Internet, so I asked the optometrist for a prescription and for my pupillary distance (PD). The cheapest pair of glasses from Wal-Mart would have cost $40.

I checked out Glassy Eyes for reviews and headed to Goggles4u. After some fashion advice from my image consulting group, I chose a pair, took a picture of my prescription with my Palm Centro. A week later, my glasses arrived in the mail. They only cost $29, and have anti-scratch, anti-UV, and anti-reflective coatings, included for free—Wal-Mart would have charged extra for those. All frames are $13. I opted for the cheapest lenses, $17 for your choice of plastic or glass, but fancier lens materials are available, too. Shipping is free.

I am absolutely delighted by these glasses and will likely never purchase glasses from a brick-and-mortar store.

  1. If you get headaches a lot for no obvious reason, go to the optometrist. It's worth a shot.
  2. If your optometrist prescribes classes, ask for the prescription; your optometrist is required by law to give it to you.
  3. Also, ask for your pupillary distance. You can measure it yourself, but optometrists have a special gadget for this that's easier and more accurate.
  4. Use the "GlassyEyes" promo code when ordering from Goggles4u for a 5% discount.
  5. If you wear glasses, measure your old pair to get a good fit on a new pair online. This is my first pair of glasses, so I measured my favorite sunglasses, and am delighted with the fit.

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