Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Palm Centro, Google Mobile Search, Panera

I had a mondo sucky project this weekend, so after I left class yesterday, I was Jonesin' for some Panera goodness. I Google Maps'd the nearest Panera* on my MacBook. I saw one Panera truck as I approached, and thought, 'Great! This is the right place.'. Then, I saw a lot more Panera trucks—it wasn't a Panera, it was a Panera distribution center.

I wandered toward home, taking Rt 1 north into Laurel. I popped in at a thrift store, where I found some books for Dollar Book Blog. I got the address, then used Google SMS on my shiny new Palm Centro to find the nearest Panera and get directions to it.

I recommend the new tomato mozzarella panini.

*I would like it if there was a feature for Google Maps where I could say, 'I'm going from Point A to Point B—what's the Panera or Trader Joe's or Circuit City that's closest to that route?'.

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