Monday, April 20, 2009

UrbanCause: Restaurants at Hollins Market

Candice provides reviews to excellent restaurants in our neighborhood: UrbanCause: Restaurants at Hollins Market

Seconded, on all counts. Baltimore Pho also has some pretty good tofu curry stuff. Zella's pizza Margherita is delicious; I had some the day I moved into this neighborhood.

The Sweet Tooth Dessert Shop has only been around for a month, so things are still getting going. They have coffee for $2, and they gave me free refills. It was regular drip coffee, they don't do fancy espresso drinks. I had some cherry cheesecake, also, and it was delicious. The Sweet Tooth is exactly the sort of local business that isn't as good as one of the chains (yet) but that I'm enthusiastic about supporting, because it has so much chutzpah and character and potential. I sat there last Tuesday afternoon and worked on my research, and watched little kids eat sorbet and play Halo III and I was very happy. The ambiance is positively classy.

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