Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chronotype etequitte and my island

I am frustrated by how no one has good manners. I have Delayed Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Which Is A Real Disease (DCRSDWIARD), so I often go to bed at four and wake up at noon. If someone calls at 10 AM, I am a little irritated. I would never call someone at 10 PM unless they're a college student. Everyone I know is awake in the window from noon until 8 PM, so we should agree that that's when it's okay to make phone calls. (Of course, some people get up before The Window and some people stay up after it, but everyone's awake for The Window.) Church shouldn't start until 2 PM on Sundays, because I'm often up late on Saturday nights. Everyone's awake at 2 PM on Sunday, so why can't we have church meeting then?
From Historic Corolla

I am going to move to an island where all the rules will make sense.

I don't understand how everyone else carries all their stuff around, wallet, keys, a pen, pencil, notepad, cellphone, iPod, headphones, Rubik's Cube, Silly Putty, tissues, chapstick, spare change, breathmints, and yo-yo, without wearing cargo pants.

My island will be in the South Seas and it will be warm and sunny so I won't wear pants, I'll wear a cargo loincloth. It will be like a toolbelt plus a loincloth. You can have one, too. No one will call you before noon or after 8 PM, unless you want them to.

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