Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jus chillin

I think my high school government teacher, Mr Milanoski, is a libertarian. At least, his teaching led me to libertarianism.

One time, we had an exercise about the government's involvement in our lives. Mr Milanoski told us to write down everything that we did on one day, and then to figure out how each thing we did was connected to the government. For example, watching TV was affected by the FCC, or eating a snack was affected by the FDA. Mr Milanoski asked us if anyone did anything that didn't have to do with the government.

Riley said he had something.

'What?' asked Mr Milanoski.

'Yesterday afternoon, I was jus chillin.'

'Were you doing anything?'

'No, jus chillin.'

'Were you watching TV?'

'No, I was jus chillin.'

'Were you inside? Was the air conditioning on?'

'Jus chillin.'

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