Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crossword puzzle tips

General tips:
  • If it ends in a question mark, it's a terrible joke
  • If part of the clue is abbreviated, the answer is an abbreviation
  • Look for tense and case in the clue; plurals end in 's', past tense ends in 'ed'

Answers to common clues:
First name in jazz: ELLA (FITZGERALD is never an answer)
Dancing Astaire: ADELE, not FRED
Pirate in Peter Pan: SMEE, not Hook
Scotch partner: SODA
La Douce: IRMA
Western treaty grp.: OAS
Full house sign: SRO
Flying Brits: RAF
Anything about a plant or balm: ALOE
Pequod skipper: AHAB

Common crossword puzzle words:
  • URDU
  • ULNA
  • AMEN
  • ARC
  • APE
  • DNA
  • ERA
  • EEL
  • OLEO
  • OLIO
  • OGRE
  • OGLE
  • LEER
  • GAZE

1 comment:

  1. TV Crosswords frequently include "DS9's Auberjonois". The answer is ODO