Monday, May 25, 2009

Roland Metal Art

At the SoWeBo Fest yesterday, I saw Roland Metal Art. These are high-quality affordable hand-made sculptures. When someone jokingly suggested that the sculptures are imported from China, the artist took offense and showed us his scarred hands.

These are sculptures that are designed to be gifts. If you know someone's profession, favorite musical instrument, or preferred sport, you can get them a great gift. I don't want to knock Roland, I think the actual work is excellent, but I think it's funny how people think in categories.

Someone might like fishing, but a sculpture of a person with a fish might not appeal to a fisherman. Looking at a sculpture of a nail-person with a fish is different from fishing, unless you wear waders all the time.

I thought it was funny how there was one sculpture for computer. My grandma thinks that 'computers' is a job; she can't tell the difference between my job and that of a graphic designer, accountant, writer, or tech support worker. I don't think I want a sculpture of a person working on a computer on my desk, as I'm working on my computer. I have monkeys and toys and chocolate and my tea brewing kit on my desk.

I think these are fun sculptures, especially the ones for the OB/G, preacher, proctologist, and bagpipe player. The ones with the dogs getting into antics are super.

Be sure to check out Merlin Mann's podcast episode, The Richard Scarry Book of the Future.

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