Sunday, July 11, 2010

CoffeeGeek - Why I like Bodum

CoffeeGeek - Why I like Bodum:

After work, one or two of them would come over, we'd set up on the back elevated sun deck of my home (actually, the roof of the car garage, with a fence around it). I'd boil the water, I'd bring the grinder right outside (there was a convenient plug), I'd grind up the coffee, and we would enjoy the aromas. I would carefully measure out the grinds, pour in the boiling water, stir just a bit, and set the plunger for a 3 to 4 minute 'steep'. We'd take turns each day on who would push it down, and dole out the goods, in the matching cups. Then we'd talk, reminisce, or watch the world go by (my house was on one of those streets that combine small shops and restaurants and cafes with homes). We'd play a variety of those intellectual-type board games, share experiences, and... become closer friends.

Bodum was a big part of this. The ritual, the subculture was one appreciated by myself and my friends, and I think this was (and is today) the company's intent - a culture of simple sophistication and the production of a quality beverage to go along with it.

It's hip to not like branding because it's manipulative. I like it when a brand is associated with an idea, and promotes that idea in an important way. I got my coffee press from Ikea, though.

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