Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 ways to simplify your Facebook life

  1. Don't be friends with someone that you're not friends with in real life.
  2. If you didn't have Facebook, and wouldn't call someone to invite them to an event, don't invite them to that event on Facebook.
  3. If you didn't have Facebook, and wouldn't email someone a message, don't tag them in a note on Facebook.
  4. If you can email someone, don't send a Facebook Message instead.
  5. Don't leave ambiguous status updates that make everyone think you just went through a break-up.
  6. Don't enter into "a relationship" with someone of the same gender unless you are sexually attracted to people of that gender.
  7. Quit every group that you aren't a member of in real life.
  8. Don't use applications.
  9. Don't take quizzes.
  10. Don't write 25 things about yourself just because your friends are. You probably can only write six interesting things about yourself, anyway.
  11. Don't put information on Facebook that you wouldn't put on a completely public website.