Thursday, July 30, 2009


This evening, I was eating leftover Trader Joe's Take-Out Thali, which is delicious, along with the most ripe mango I've ever had, I was eating outside, under the Academic IV overhang at UMBC, where I previously met a squirrel. Two guys walked up, and one stood on the armrest of a bench, and hopped with both feet to the opposite armrest.

This first guy is asian. He is skinny and has very short hair and a black headband, and was wearing wife-beaters and black track pants. The other guy is white, and taller than the first guy. The second guy was just a little chubby. He has long red hair, parted in the center, and he was wearing a grey t-shirt and blue jean shorts.

The second guy stood around for a while, watching his friend. He got a little bored and paced. His friend jumped from the armrest of the bench to a bannister, and walked on it as if it were a balance beam.

The second guy then got a turn practicing, and stood, awkwardly, trying to balance on a different bannister.

Then the first guy practiced running up to a wall, jumping, then clambering up it. I think they were practicing Parkour.

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  1. Definitely Parkour. The only thing better than Parkour is slack lining, maybe. I can do a few tricks on a slack line: jump and rotate 180 degrees back onto the slack line, cross blindfold and/or backwards, and I started learning how to juggle and cross at the same time (much more difficult, because you can't watch the line AND you don't have arms to balance).

    My younger brother does some parkour.